Customized Massage Solutions

What You Need To Know

At Corporate Massage Solutions we provide massage services at our wellness center and onsite.  Today’s marketplace is competitive, fast pace, and ever changing.  We all strive to operate at peak pace both mentally and physically and if you are a business owner or manager you want your team in optimal shape.  So what is an easy and cost effective way that you can improve your team’s performance while improving employee satisfaction? On-Site Massage!

We understand that while massage has been used for generations across cultures, and all over the world, corporate massage, research has recently shown that bringing the benefits of massage into office results in a better bottom line for your business, and better overall health, happiness, and satisfaction for your employees.  So we offer both!

Whether you come to our office or we go to yours, we provide customized massage solutions to fit your needs.


The Individual


Increase alertness, creative thinking, and decision-making
Relieve muscle fatigue and headaches
Lower anxiety and improve sleep
Boost immune system and resistance to illness
Decrease repetitive stress symptoms

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Your Team


Promote cooperation and collaboration
Increase accuracy, problem-solving and project success
Feel acknowledged and appreciated
Improve job satisfaction
Reduce absenteeism

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Your Company


Attract and retain top-quality employees
Reduce the high cost of employee turnover
Reduce sick time, absenteeism, and worker comp claims
Offer an inexpensive 100% tax-deductible perk
Increase morale and company pride

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Your Health Fair


Increase your attendance & enrollment
Treat your staff so they stay in top form
Reduce overwhelm at busy events with a relaxing break

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Massage Benefits According To Clients

Posture Change 19.9%
Increased Energy 30.2%
Injury Rehab 51.1%
Pain Management 76.0%
Relaxation 85.8%
Stress Relief 87.1%